A neuroscientist invites an artist to speak at a conference on PTSD, trauma, and the brain. During her talk, she reads a letter she wrote to her childhood sexual abuser, igniting a dance-and-music-centric journey into her psychological landscape, illustrating the non-linearity of memory and transformation.

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Feature film, Secondary Dominance, is a hybrid biographical expression / documentary / dance-centric music video exploring an artist’s disentanglement from childhood sexual trauma, illustrating the non-linearity of memory and transformation, of epigenetics, of The Dragon, of The Lover, of The Ellipsis…, and of the power of the human experience to hold what is both Dark and Light in one open breath...

- Wall Street Journal

...delicate chamber-music juxtaposed with blaring electronica and Balkan folk singing...


...anguished harmonic friction... 


...a stronger erotic charge

than punk rock.”

"...defies category..."

Born as a musical album, then morphed into a staged work + music videos, Secondary Dominance has now transformed into a Feature Film.